Wednesday, January 6

Past Future Tense

Before what used to be has come
I wonder what will be
And what it will feel like when what has yet to be
Becomes what was.

I try to stay in the moment...
"Feel your feet on the floor,
Feel the pen in your hand..."
But the other shoe has already dropped
Days, weeks, months ahead
Anticipatory or pessimistic?

What is is of no consquence
When what is no more looms on the horizon
What once was
Replaces what today still holds
January 2010
Is now January already been
And I can't make head or tails
Of the here the now the then the when

As I feel my feet on the floor
And the pen in my hand
I push the what doesn't have to be
Further away
Pushing it beyond today... and tomorrow...
Pushing it beyond next week, month, year
Pushing it until it falls over the edge
Into what may or may not be...

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