Monday, January 4

I'm Different!! AGAIN!!! TODAY!!!

In these first few days of 2010 and the last few of 2009, I've noticed some folks in an almost neurotic state of Lookatmeosis. This is a recent phenomenon that has been brought about thanks to social media such as Facebook and twitter. It consists of people updating the world on how happy and super satisfied they are with their new life, new love, etc., which everyone has done at some point, especially me. The difference is the TONE, consistency and frequency of these updates. When the reader begins to question the writer's intentions or even the genuineness (is that a word?) of the yammerings.

Now, like I said, I've been guilty of what some have called "Jesus-tweeting" where I truly WAS so enthralled by what God has done for me, brought me out of, and helped me to see I had to tell the world. But those that really knew me and were witnessing my transformation knew that I was truly becoming who I was saying I was. I am definitely not who or where I was last year. It was a process and one which I am still undergoing. Those who only knew who I WAS were very vocal and very indirect with their dissent, which didn't get addressed because, it wasn't worth it. I was convinced and didn't need to defend myself or reassure myself in any way. But the people I have observed recently seem to be trying to convince themselves that they are changing or changed, but nothing other than the neurotic "Look at me" updates have changed.

For example, one person is constantly updating about their new relationship etc etc... But all their other updates consist of ALL the things that caused their last attempts to fail. But there they are on your screen almost yelling, it seems: "Look at me! I'm different... Again... Today..." And all you can say is: Good luck with that, let me know how that turns out for you," and pray that they really are different... again... today.

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{Ms. P} said...

*silently judges*

I don't even comment on the "cry babies" anymore. Why feed into it, when they don't get it? Sure, tell the world your woes & f!cked up situations that YOU created w/no regard to [anything/one].

Damn dummies.