Thursday, January 21

Take Time

Take time, to get away,
Free your mind, and fly away...
- Ledisi
This weekend I celebrated my 31st year of  life with some meetings and a concert and a gathering and some awesome people. Monday and Tuesday I was at my leisure and I cannot tell you how incredible it felt to take some time off from STUFF & THINGS and do whatever. I had things to attend to Saturday and Sunday I was in church, but after that, I was on my own time until Wednesday. Monday I spent serving the community and then chillaxing with friends but MOST of the day & night was spent lying around. It was awesome!

The great thing about me being so leisurely is that there were people that decided to spend their leisure time with me as well. I didn't have to even ask... they just WANTED to chill with me and I wanted to chill with them. and we chilled. No clock-watching, no places to be, no clock watching. And it meant alot to me that they took time to spend with me and I them. I LOOOOVE "my time" so when I choose to spend it with you, you should feel honored and appreciated.

So, with that said, I want to thank those that took time earlier this week to spend with me. It truly meant alot. I just want to tell you all that the most important way to show someone how you feel about them is by spending TIME, not just money.

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{Ms. P} said...

I hope you're enjoying your birthday month !

The concert was great...of course!