Wednesday, February 24

Messin With a Good Thing- Monica

I heard the sounds of Deniece Williams' Silly coming from my radio Monday. But what I heard was not Niecy AT ALL. It was Monica singing over MY SONG.

In '95, I had my friend make me a TAPE with that song on it 5 times so I wouldn't have to rewind it. THAT'S MY SONG! I used to write the words to that song on pieces of paper in my spare time in middle school. THAT'S MY SONG! When I randomly start crushing on a new guy or a guy that's not that good for me, I hear Silly playing in my head.THAT'S.... MY.... SONG!!!

And Monica DESTROYED IT! And here is why... the melody of Monica's song is the same as the sample... who does that? The words themselves are nice, I'll give her that. But there is something I am NOT digging with the use of the Silly sample. But I listened to it all the way through. and then she went & did it... she tried those awesomely beautiful notes at the end... the result of which was LAZY AND LOUSY! Thereby negating anything nice I had to say about the dern thing. What I WILL say is that that black & white houndstooth blouse in the video is MAGNIFIQUE! But that still doesn't make up for the lazy, lousy high notes at the end. C'mon Monica, man, THAT'S MY SONG!

Check it out for yourselves:


Tammy said...

LOL. i wouldn't say it was HORRIBLE, but it certainly paled in comparison to the original. I think it was kinda boring.. there wasn't enough that was different to keep my attention.

DITTO ON THE BLOUSE!! i lost my breath for a second when i saw it.

{Ms. P} said...

(I never noticed & I JUST heard the gotdamned song this morning on Music Choice.)

That's how you feel?

B. Cooley said...

OF COURSE that's how I feel... or I wouldn't have blogged about it lol

{Ms. P} said...

I guess you told me, smart ass.