Thursday, February 11

Ready for the World!

kite, originally uploaded by BriCooley.
After being snowed in since Friday evening, I am finally ready to step out amongst creation! I enjoyed the time away from the world and WORK! But now I am ready to fly a kite, or just enjoy being alive!

I took this picture back in May and though I wish I could wake up & it BE May, I plan to enjoy my life until it IS May and from that point on. I realized that I like being home and not having to do anything, or be anywhere or see anyone. But I also like having something to do, some place to be and people to see. I appreciate the serenity of solitude and the comfort of camaraderie. This snow in has given me a mini vacation from life as a whole and I am thankful for it. I planned properly (Exept for the shovel in the trunk... OOPS!), I was responsible in my eating! YAY ME!

Now, back to the grind, but I refuse to let it grind me down! I am ready for the world & to put my feet to the streets!

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