Thursday, February 25


This morning I found out that a close male friend of mine was in a relationship. And under normal circumstances, I would be happy for him, congratualte him, ask questions about the girl, etc. But these circumstances were FAR from normal. See, this friend didn't call me all excited to tell me. Nor did he tell me when we talked just this weekend. This friend changed his relationship status on FB!

So I, of course, had to pull him to the side, via electronic message and express my EXTREME disappointment. Over the past year, he and I had become quite close. I held him in high esteem among my male friends. So for this to be how I found out left me absolutely crest-fallen. I was speaking to another male friend this morning about the term "disappointment" and how much DEEPER it is than getting upset or mad. Merriam-Webster defines the word "disappoint" as such: to fail to meet the expectation or hope of. Meaning I have placed my hope and expectations in you -something I do less and less to avoid EXACTLY this-  but you have not lived up to such. In essence, the trust has now been broken. That is harder to fix than just being mad or upset with someone, i have learned to get over those things quite easily.

What makes matters worse is that he said he started to tell me and couldn't. What or why he would think he couldn't tell me is BEYOND ME! I felt most betrayed because he knows that another one of my close friends had done a similar thing and how much that hurt me. Overall, if and when I do get over this disappointment... our friendship has been damaged and it won't get any harder and it' won't get and higher...

A disappointment.
Oh, you shouldn't have done,
You couldn't have done,
You wouldn't have done the things you did then...

But it won't get any harder,
And I hope you'll find your way again.
And it won't get any higher,
And it all boils down to what you did...

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