Tuesday, October 5

How YOU Doin?

About 2 weeks ago while on my way to buy tickets with Mimi for Cirque du Soliel- Ovo Which I am soooo excited about seeing!)

Mimi called me all excited & said: "Guess what, we were picked for WENDY!" I instantly knew what she meant, we were going to be on the Wendy Williams Show. I was super excited, and immediately started to plan my outfit. 

Initially, we thought about taking the bus, but for a day trip, we wanted to be able to get in & out of the city at our convenience. So we decided to drive. A few days later, she got an email stating that we had to wear ll pink for Breast Cancer Awareness. So the outfit I had in mind had to be redesigned. A few days after that we  found out that the guests were going to be PATTI LABELLE & NENE & SHEREE from Real Housewives of Atlanta. We left DC around 1:45 AM and arrived in New York around 6:30 AM. I had already reserved a spot & guaranteed a rate at a nearby parking lot, so we had no problems parking & walking to the studio. The original plan was to stop outside of the city & change clothes, but since Mimi was sleeping most of the ride, I decided to just head into the city. We instead changed our clothes in the car while the parking attendant pretended not to notice. It was still dark outside & there were only three people in line at the studio when we walked by. Vaguely familiar with the area, we walked to 8th Avenue to try and procure some breakfast. We found a bagel shop that had just what we needed: hot breakfast and a clean bathroom. After eating breakfast & putting on our faces, we headed back to the studio to wait in line. There were a few other people on line when we got back. We spoke & waited. it misted & rained & misted, but everyone was ice & in good spirits, so it was cool. I tried to take pics of the banners outside, but the lights on the building kept interfering. 

ANYWAY, around 7 something a handsome young man comes out and starts setting up line queues. He remarks how early we are & we remark how CUTE he is. Hmmmm, I didn't get a pic of him, I just realized. He looks like a young, slim Taye Diggs, like his little brother Shaye lol. The list was checked TWICE & we were finally herded inside a little after 8. The waiting room was cute!
and so were we

Everyone was primping in front of the long wall of mirrors, except for THIS chick who forgot to brush her hair down over her tracks:

Anyone that knows Mimi & I should already know we made FAST friends in line and tried our best to sit with them. We ended up only sitting with one of them, a nice lady from The Bronx whose husband ditched her when he found out he had to wear PINK lol. I'm not sure what criteria they use to seat audience members, but they made me sit on the end, Mimi in the middle, and our girl from the Bronx on the aisle. Anyone without pink on was given a pink pashmina, cuz they were NOT playin!  The new set is SUPER cute, I fell in LOVE with the wallpaper.

We had a BALL, the show went by so FAST! Wendy was really nice & friendly and actually quite pretty in person. She didn't look like a man at all lol. Patti LaBelle was funny and gorgeous in person. The lady that was chosen from the audience to taste the food was part of our front of the line crew, we were so excited for her because she had THROWN together an outfit because she was already packed & in NY when she got the email about wearing pink. She was chosen by the producers just for being SUPER fab! GO LIZ! 

After the show, we were let out of the studio on the BACK end & no one knew where they were. Our goal then was to EAT & go to Crumbs! We took the train just a few stops because it was so cold & rainy out. The pizza was great, the Starbucks was better & Crumbs had just introduced a new black bottom cupcake that included brownies & cheesecake! I got two of those (one for me & one for him), a samoa cupcake, and a strawberry shortcake cookie. $15 worth of nummy goodness!

We ended up only being one stop from the car. We hit the road around 2:30 & after just one pit stop THIS time, we hit DC at 20 to 7. I had a meeting at church & by the time I got home, I had been awake for 22 hours. But it was SO worth it. I chose a random date in November when I requested tickets, so maybe we'll be back on the tube!


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