Wednesday, October 27

What LIES Beneath

If you know nothing else about me, you know I am a strong proponent of the truth. When all else fails, it's all you have.

A male friend told me recently that he lied to his female friend to "protect her feelings". *record scratch* Don't we already know that this is a HUGE no-no? *wags finger*

Once he told me the story that involved 2 glasses of wine and a denial of responsibility or rememberance thereafter, I called BS on the girl! I said  & I quote:
She's lying
Yer even
*bangs gavel*

She disavows any knowledge of her actions after 2 glasses of wine.

Seriously, 2 glasses of wine couldn't get a 4 year old drunk enough to forget anything! So it seems, my dear friend, was suckered into a lie with a lie. It seems that the girl must have been testing him, why? I don't have ALL the answers, people. But I DO know why she lied....

Who hasn't gotten some liquid courage in them & said or done something they always wanted to or that seemed like a good idea at the time. Only to realize, the idea WASN'T that good afterall or the repercussions could be MUCH more than they thought initially. If they even thought about it beforehand. You rationalize it with a lil: "Eff it, I'm 'drunk'!" Even though, if you were truly drunk, you wouldn't relaly be able to think, right?

Poor thing woke up the next morning, in search of her panties & her whole make him wait 6 months plan was out the window! QUICK- what do I do? How do I fix this? THINK, girl, THINK! YES... it was the wine!

This lie led to HIS lie which led to them both lying under a pile of  lies. Now she's nto talking to him & he's not feeling great about that. But clearly she needs to be mad at herself, because she started the lie ball rolling. Now it's barrelling downhill and picking up anger and frustration & speed.

Had she followed my cardinal rule of being honest with YOURSELF first, she could've just said: You know what? I was NOT intending to do that & while I don't regret it, it probably shouldn't happen again for a while.

Done & done.

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