Monday, October 18

Letting Go & Holding On

This blog changed titles twice.

Not sure what I REALLY want to say here, but I am going to say something.

There was a point in time, earlier this year when i was afraid to let go. I was afraid to make up my mind. I was scared to put my foot down. I had chalked somethings up as a loss because I was to afraid to stand up for myself. I was defeated and was OK with that. Little did I know, the same thing was going on on the other side of this. But in a much different way. This person was holding on to something LITERALLY because they, as they finally admitted, were afraid I would stop talking to them. I didn't want to hold on out of fear, they didn't want to let go.

The item in question was one I had chalked up as a loss. But recently I have been urged to handle this business as it has reared it's head and become an inconvenience for the beau. I am fairly certain that it will be uncomfortable and inconvenient and maybe even involve some tension, but it is something I need to take care of. It is time to trade places. They need to let go of me & I need to hold on to me.

Sorry if this made no sense at all. I had to get it off my chest though.

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