Friday, October 1

Tell Them That It's Human Nature

Last week, Bishop Eddie Long was accused of indecencies & such with boys. Yesterday in the Metro Area, the big story was about Gilbert Arenas not being happy to be back playing in Washington. And just now I got the news that Mario was arrested for allegedly of assaulting his mother.

They say people were laid out crying in the aisles at Bishop Long's church. When Arenas was initially charged, they got rid of all traces of him: posters, jerseys, everything. And now with the news of mario, I am waiting to see the backlash, uproar, and on and on.

It seems so many people put these celebrities on a pedestal. Somehow they had become superhuman. Beyond persecution. Above reproach. They have somehow been denied the "privilege" of making mistakes or doing something dumb. Imagine if that dumb thing you did that time in college was forever etched in everyone's memory & at the age of 45 people were stil "tsk tsk tsk"ing about that one time at band camp.
Now let's get one thing straight, an anti-gay preacher POSSIBLY sleeping with men is NOT okay. A grown man bringng guns to work is NOT cool. A young man allegedly putting his hands on his mother is NOT the business. I'm not saying any of that.

What I AM saying is these people are PEOPLE and people do things that aren't ok, cool, or the business. Sometimes accusations aren't true, sometimes the story behind things is totally different from what the media portrays and sometimes people DID DAT! lol

You can wonder why, or speculate how could they. But, in the end, shrugging it off is probably the best idea. You put too much stock in people & they will disappoint you, sometimes even a little bit. Admiration is one thing, idolizing is a whole other animal. Take Bishop Long for example, some folks put so much faith in a MAN that it detracted from their personal connection to their own spiritual welfare is scary. HOW can you put THAT much trust in a man that wears muscle shirts & a toupee that resembles mushy, moldy oodles of noodles. I don't care what he was preaching, I would ALWAYS be leary of that soggy dog on his head. I am not taking anything away from the work he has done or the lives he has saved but, seriously!

Sometimes we have to use common sense and put ourselves in other people's shoes. These people you IDOLIZE, are just people. And people, by nature, do all manner of things for which there is no logical explanation. Bishop Long has  not been proven guilty of anything. Arenas has served his time. And no one really knows WHAT went on @ Mario's mama's house. These people aren't superheroes, their human beings. CHILL OUT!


Anonymous said...

You always give me something interesting to think about ;-)

{Ms. P} said...

Well said.