Thursday, December 23

"I Don't Do Christmas"

I was in the salon yesterday & someone said that. It kinda made me sad. They weren't sayying they didn't believe in Christmas, but that they didn't "buy into the Christmas hype" as they put it. The only person she said she got something for was her grandmother. Though she has 2 children & nieces & nephews. I can't imagine what it must feel like to not "do Christmas". To not be excited about the food & the family. To not care about seeing the faces of the people you love when they open their gifts.

I definitely understand not wanting to go in the stores & fight over the last Robosan 3000 that's advertised as 75% off. But there is just something to be said for making people happy in Jesus' name! Seriously, there have been years when my Christmas Spirit was at like a 5 out of ten. But once the day came & I was there with my family it kicked up to about a 7.5 or an 8. This year I am already at a 7! and I am ready to see the looks on several peoples' faces. Christmas & Thanksgiving, as commercialized as the outside world has made it is still a time for family traditions. A time to set the trend, if you will. Christmas, for me has, for the last SEVERAL years, consisted of opening gifts with my mom & sister & a silly-bazilly breakfast at my mom's friends' house. Sometimes dinner is elsewhere, but the breakfast usually lasts until about 4 anyway, with munching & chatting going on throughout the day. So who needs dinner anyway.

But I just cannot fathom my Christmas consisting of breakfast with my oldest child & then just chilling at home watching the tube. Besides there is NEVER anything on tv on Christmas anyway!
D'ahwell! To each his or her own!

Merry Christmas Eve EVE!

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