Thursday, December 16

WHERE is the Next Musical Genius!??!

Does ANYONE play an instrument anymore?
Can anyone sit down with a pen & pad & write POETRY & put it to music?

Where is the next musical genius?
How many of these artists being lauded today can IDENTIFY instrument and walk up to it & play it?Excluding a beat machine...

With Usher claiming he is the successor to MJ (NOT!) and Kanye being compared to Quincy (and Quincy HOLLERING: I don't THINK so!), where is the next big thing that is accelerated to the top by more than a always-in-your-face PR campaign, a wind machine & a constant reminder of them being great?

Prince plays over 20 instruments... How many artists out today can NAME 20 ACTUAL instruments?

I am clearly disgusted with what is passing for popular music, partially increased by the fact that I am listening to Hot 99.5 right now & Ursher is whinnying thru this song. I need the old days back when ONLY Roger was using a vocorder! And only rappers performed in concert with a DJ! *sigh*

I need the REAL singer/songwriters to please STAND  UP!

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{Ms. P} said...

*le sigh*

We've been b!tchin about this since we met. I'm sick of EVERYBODY. Like movies, I refuse to put much stock in what's new and remember the classics.