Friday, December 3

Would the REAL Slutty Sister PLEASE SHUT UP!

Last night the Kardashian sisters were on Conan. The fact that Conan was rocking jeggings wasn't the ONLY ridiculous part:

Kourtney, Kim & Khloe came out to discuss their book. And Kim was shocked & appalled by Khloe & Kourtney's goofing around on Twitter. Something about adult toys, mayo & shiny lady parts... Kim's reasoning was that they have followers under the age of 17. Khloe's response: "Follow at your own risk". Khloe & Kourtney were laughing & Kim? I couldn't tell WHAT that expression was on her "face" because that thing has been pulled & pushed & botoxed to the point where her facial muscles are all mixed up.

But was she for real? You are famous because of your professionally filmed sex tape with Brandy's brother. And you are concerned about the jokes your sisters are making on Twitter being read by children that follow you? And you said this with a straight face? (thanks to the miracle of unnecessary modern cosmetic surgery)

I am all for people redeeming themselves for their past transgressions & turning their life around a la Nicole Richie. But Nicole is a wife & mom doing wife & mom things. Kim takes pictures in swimsuits & dates tons of men in the spotlight. (Put a pin in that I'm coming back to it.)
Kim is on a reality show... I think she's on her THIRD show. I'm not buying the goody goody act Missy Poo! Besides you are sitting between one sister that is married & one that stayed was in a committed relationship with the father of her child (no matter how unvelievably cheesy he is). You were in a sex tape with Brandy's brother, are all over the internet & mags in swimsuits, are injecting your body with crap before the age of 30 & were just seen on a date with Halle Berry's leftovers. You are NOT the one to hold the moral compass.

Now, back to that pin, she also said that she wants to be able to go on 10 dates with 10 different guys & not have the papparazzi all around. Hun, YOU signed up to be on reality tv. You made YOURSELF a household name. And now you are MAD about getting what you asked for. GIRL, BYE! You humped your way into the limelight & no you're mad that your "innocent" dates are being made into more than they really are. Do you have AMNESIA? Was a lobotomy included in your various and sundry surgeries? I just cannot believe you are serious. Oh to be famous for nothing & delusional.

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