Tuesday, December 7

That's Entertainment: 24 Hours With Bobby Brown

Read that title & think to yourself... is this a good idea???

How much would someone have to pay me to do this?

MY answer after seeing this clip?: Depends on how I'm feeling that day. If I'm up for an adventure, then MAYBE free.... if I am not, then there wouldn't be enough money in the world that would allow me to subject myself to this:
oh, btw... he is letting some CHOICE words fly... so ummm maybe it's NSFW.

THis dude's ETD was about to be 12:12! I understand him trying to get a reaction out of him, but COME ON DUDE, Bobby Brown does NOT play!

The show is called "24 Hours With..."  The reason you probably have not heard of it is beacuse it is a British reality show. But I am so sure American TV will copy this model soon. But here is more about the show from WikiWiki:

24 Hours with... is a chat show format as celebrity and interviewer spend an intense 24 hours locked in a room together.

Bobby Brown, Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, Lee Ryan, David Gest, Stan Collymore and Steve-O leave their mobile phones and PR advisers at the door for the first series in the UK. The host, Jamie Campbell can ask them whatever he likes.

Each 30 minute show tells the story of their 24 hours in the hot seat, with a digital clock at the bottom of the screen marking the passing of the day.

I am STILL laughing!

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