Monday, January 24

Who's Zoomin' Who?

Have I already used this title before? If so, oh well...Here we go again...

Look folks, please stop letting your memory fool you & make a fool out of you. If everything you remember has you as the victim & everyone else as the antagonist. 9 times out of  7, you're lying to yourself. And everyone knows it but you. Just like you don't pull every door you come in contact with, sometimes you gotta push. Sometimes, in life you do the pushing and if you're a little more honest with yourself, you know when that is.

Long story short, there is someone that is mad at me for something that if they are honest with themselves they can't even pinpoint. As a matter of fact, there are a few people that "don't like me" but can't tell you one VALID thing I supposedly did to them. It's not that I am perfect but it's definitely that they are off-base and out of touch with reality.

One important thing my mama taught me was whenever something goes wrong, look at YOURSELF first. Unless there is clear & present evidence that someone did something to me, I try not to go around accusing anyone of purposely doing anything to me. How conceited can you be to think that people are constantly and unsolicitedly "doing something" to you? You ain't all that. So quit holding grudges over things that really don't matter & retelling tales where you're the SUPERhero. Why does any of that matter NOW? (present company included lol)

SO to answer the aforementioned title. You are zooming yourself.


Anonymous said...

Yes, girl. Yes! Unfortunately, the very ones who need to hear it will close their ears and not self-reflect. It's always someone else's fault.

CB said...

I know a few people like this and it's so annoying to hear them sound like the victim all the time. Eventually, even the victims stand up and refuse to take it anymore!