Tuesday, November 28

Banning the N-Word

The "n" word has become the subject of MUCH controversy, YET AGAIN. Because there are certain people who don't know how NOT to resort to it. There is NO WAY Michael Richards-who I am TIRED OF SEEING- though that word was okay. There is NO WAY he didn't know that that word coming from a white man's mouth in anger wouldn't set off a FIRESTORM! That was, afterall his intention, right? He was being "heckled" and instead of a witty comeback, he resorted to the "n" word. This, to me, is a testament to his comedic inability. What comedian hasn't been heckled before.

No one cares about Seinfeld anymore, if you were truly living off that money, you wouldn't be in the Laugh Factory spewing racial slurs and spending the subsequent days, seemingly WEEKS, taking up cameratime & radio airtime stuttering apologies to a group of people that are just tired of looking at you.

One good thing HAS come out of this. Banning the "N" word. Now, I am not saying banning the word will work, but it is making people less tolerant of it. It was, to some black people a quiet triumph in taking this term that was used to degrade us and turning it into a term of endearment. It was a "double standard" SOMETHING we could finally have without white people stealing it back. This, clearly, has backfired & now the quiet triumph has turned into a public spectacle & a cultural shame.

Now, Jesse & the like are pushing for the "n" word to be deemed hate speech as it was originally intended. His statement on the Today Show: "I might add that we're really going to begin to fight to prohibit that word in public usage as hate language." Full video, here. (Courtesy of Newsbusters.org)

Who is this "we" and how do they plan on going about it? Enter Ban The N-Word.org. Their "Mainstay Philosophy" is: If it’s not acceptable, ok or cool to use kike, hooknose, wetback, spic, honky, cracker, paleface, peckerwood, blue-eyed devil, dago, wop, greaseball, guinea, chink, slant-eyes, gook, then, remember, it is not acceptable, ok or cool to use the N-word.

As you read on, their solution is to stop using it & not supporting those entities that accept it. This has flowed over into public school systems in Detroit, Baltimore & beyond. By making this word punishable hate speech, what will become of the children in the streets referring to each other as such? What will become of Chris Rock? What will become of this manufactured mess they loosely refer to as rap? Will it fall apart, disintergrate? Will we find N-word martyrs going to jail for continuing to use it? Or worse yet will the lazy N-words that don't seem to get up in arms about ANYTHING of any real consequence begin to protest & march? (I'm sorry for using the word, I was angry & clearly, that is ok to do when you are emotionally charged, right?)

I have made a concious effort to stop using the N-word and I would like to suggest some new terms: coon, bama, fool, negro, sucka, butthead. Oh, did I just say coon? Is that the next word to go? Hmmmmm, we'll see!

or something...

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