Wednesday, November 8

Cain't TRUSS it!

Where's your facial hair? Any black man over the age of 20 that CAN, SHOULD let their facial hair grow. Not in an unkept & dirty matted homeless man way, but well groomed & visible!

That's it & that's all... and the ones that can't, well I am sorry to say this, but you GOTTA TRY! Otherwise, you just look SCARY & untrustworthy.

Speaking of untrustworthy, pencil thin moustaches make most of you look like an old school villain. Like you JUST got finished tying a damsel to the train tracks, you crazy BASTARD... grow it in, shape it up, let it go.

But back to bald faces, ILK! I hate when the men I've known for some time suddenly decide they want to cut off all their facial hair. FIrst of all, if you have had a mustache since 8th grade, you will never really get rid of all the hair anyway, and from far away it will STILL look like u have a mustache. Up close, I can see your lip quivering & looking sad & alone, PLEASE give it its shelter back.

Not that all black men look alike or anything, but goodness if I see one more man with uncomplimentary facial hair... Imma scream!

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