Friday, November 3

Yer the Only One Playin, So I Guess YOU WIN!

It is always so funny to me how people play little stupid games. But they are the only ones playing them. I am a direct person for the most part. But sometimes, some people tend to get shy or defensive because of my direct approach.

Let me be clear, I'm not one of those people with no cut cards who will say whatever & do whatever with no filter & not care who I hurt or how it sounds. I put thought & tact into my approaches of MOST things. Because I have the tendency to over analyze or over-dramatize (NOT ME!?!??! YES ME!!!!) I sometimes have to scale back my ownself. It seems that some people live in fear of what they think may be imminent... A VERBAL ATTACK! Which, to me is just their own guilt getting to they. Look, you KNOW you dead ass wrong, so why duck & dodge ME and let that mess eat @ you. The best part about it is, when they FINALLY stop playing & show their face or sometimes even riase their tired lil white flag, I don't even say a word... not nothin.

Their guilty reactions to what they THINK I will do or say are far more entertaining and honestly mean more to me than some half-assed coaxed apology. But it's amazing to me how they play this game, some sort of psychological proactive damage control complete with tactical maneuvers & sometimes camouflage... I SEE yer punk ass, stop hiding! Since you are the ONLIEST one playing, guess WHAT, you win... now QUIT it! It's foolishness & you are wasting energy & honestly, it's unnecessary I'm not even mad... So man/woman/cowboy up & face me, I promise I won't bite...

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