Friday, November 17

Return of the Wack- I KNEW that he'd be back!

So, some of you may remember the unitender he was all the things I liked in a younger man: dumb, sexy & willing. Oh yeah, and a slack, seemingly ambitionless loser. *doing my patented I **HEART** losers pelvic thrust*
I went into his place of business & he broke his neck to come speak to me. His face lit up like a puppy.... *sigh* Y'all already know Imma Sukka © so of course I was ON it like Kryptonite.... I fell for it, YUP!
He told me some story about how he got a new phone & didn't have my number I played it cool & just said "Oh." ANd went on about my business. He came over to me a few minutes later & asked for my number again. He remembered the first 3 digits ( not the area code) and of course I gave it to him.
He called last night talking about how he wanted to see me, but forgot when floor I lived on. I told him I was moving soon & he seemed a lil disappointed. I told him my mother was moving too & I would be at the apartment for awhile by myself until I moved. His response. "No you won't." *BAITED* "why do you say that?" I asked. *CAUGHT* "Because you won't, is that okay?" *REELED IN* "Yes." *hoping to be gutted, cooked & served up* (I'm sorry TMI!)
So, there you have it... RETURN OF THE WACK!
You have been WARNED!

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