Wednesday, August 29

Some People Play Too Much (c)

here is a quick 5

5. Eric from Big Brother 8- if it weren't for the rumors of his big she-banga-bang, he would NOT be able to pull a girl like Jess. Who he think he foolin?

4. People with raggedy mouths & money in the bank- There is no reason for you to be claiming or ELUDING to making that loooong money & your teeth are still looking like the first day of sixth grade! Get that shyt fixed & stop playin!

3. El Debarge- the Prince of 80s Pretty boy got aDAMNrrested on FELONY charges. he is 5 foot 9 130 pounds and he got aDAMNrrested he's not gonna be ANY GOOD in the PEN, son! I hope Big Black Bubba doesn't play too too much!

2. Senator Larry Craig- "I am not gay!" How many times have I heard THIS in my lifetime? I'll tell you THIS... less times than I heard that mess TODAY!

Dear Senator Craig,Not only are you gay, but you are a gay ass lie.
You can't accidentally give ALLLLLLL the signs for gay sex in a public restroom
& then just decide to plead guilty to a lesser charge to make it "go
away". Please come out of the closet, step down from your job & stop
playin with your wife & your life!

1. Travis Henry - If you don't know who this fool ass bama is he is not only a running back for the Broncos, he is also a father of NINE and husband of NONE! And if you have SEEN this fool, then you too were wondering how there could have been NINE chicks that let that near them AT ALL let alone without a condom! Any way this fool had to BORROW money to pay child support but has HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of dollars in cars & jewelry. Thanks SO MUCH, Travis Henry, for being not only an embarassment to the race but also yet another coon with a contract! Please INVEST in condoms & stop playin SO DAMN MUCH!

*dropping the mic & walking away*

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