Tuesday, March 2

Grown Folks Music: Raheem, Raheem, RAHEEM!

In case you didn't know... Raheem DeVaughn's newness dropped today: The Love & War Masterpeace. I haven't bought it YET... *looks over at my Mac waiting for me to submit my iTunes password for purchase* But I plan to when this is posted. I had to tell you I how I felt about it FIRST before I died of the vapors! WHEW!
So the first thing that struck me were the Cornel West interludes... MAJOR! So I assumed what I was about to hear was going to be some militant, power to the people, uplifting R&B. And I did, but that is NOT ALL! "Bulletproof" is the "What's Going On" of our generation, CLEARLY. "Nobody Wins a War" is real, true, and touching and it features some AMAZING TALENT including: Jill Scott, Chrisette Michelle, Dwele, Anthony Hamilton, Bilal, Algebra AND THEN SOME! And "Revelations 2010" with Damian Marley is as thought-provoking as it is mellow. However, it's barely 8 AM and what I heard between those songs was nothing short of deeeeeeep down lovemakingmusic. A few songs I had to skip, because I felt like I wasn't in the right relationship to have it in my spirit especially not this early in the morning! I feel my body temperature creeeeping up just thinking about what I heard. *tries to focus* Ok.... wait.... *takes a sip of water*

Alright where was I. Oh yeah, RAHEEM HAS DONE IT! ok? ok! I was listening to the album at Centric TV and I was digging the love vibe of the first few songs. Then, it got dowown! Right around "B.O.B" I had to start limiting my previews to about 45 seconds. I looked at the track listing & decided against listening to "Bedroom" because my head was still spinning from what he said in the minute or so of the song prior. SO I decided on "Microphone" because, I figured it was about music and performing... BOY WAS I WRONG! WOW was I wrong!

So in conclusion let me say, BUY THE CD! BUY IT NOW! But listen to tracks 10-13 with caution. It is sure to cause Female Hysteria (please click & read the second paragraph... NOW). Good job, Raheem, good job! But I am going to have to reserve songs 10-13 for my wedding night! lol

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