Thursday, May 13

If You Want Me to Stay

Click play, then read... you know the drill

Today, I have heard and been reminded of two tales of ungrateful females and their respectuve men. Now, I am not saying that these men involved have been without fault but in these two particular cases, these two men have been trying to make amends.

In one case, there was the guy that wanted to break up with the girl and she wouldn't let him. She continued to claim him and call him, but he was going out with his peeps & hanging and tlaking to her when he talked to her. I didn't understand it. I asked why were they still together, he said: he was trying to make it work... I dind't understand. When they broke up, I was like well, it's about time. And now, they're back together.... Hmmmm.

In another case, there is a guy that is notoriously selfish in relationships. and he was trying to make an effort in this one. She doesn't seem to be meeting him half way. Yet he tries to make it work. And she still does what she wants and chastizes him for not doing what she wants. And she has told him previously to "do what he has to do".

Now in BOTH cases I only got the guy's side, but either way it just seems so DUMB. (Please pronounce the "b".) Why would you want to work things out with someone that isn't budging? What is there to work out? Why would you want to keep someone around that wanted things on their terms? Why would you want someone to stay that clearly wasn't worth staying WITH?

Sly says:
You got to get it straight
How could I ever be late
When you're my woman takin' up my time
How could you ever allow
I guess I wonder how
How could you get out of pocket for fun
When you know that you're never number two
Number one gonna be number one

I took that to mean, he's being a good man to you, yet you still want to hassle him or treat him otherwise.
But this begs the question, what does it take to have someone WANT you to stay? Do you have to act psycho and flip out over little things? Do you have to sit at home and wait for him to call? Do you have to act disinterested in whether he stays or goes?
I'm not understanding what has them so intent on wanting these females to stay around when some of the qualities they have shown in the past have been less than admirable. And for those that are saying it's "that" in one case I know it's absolutely NOT "that", which REALLY has me buggin! I don't get it!
*scratches head and presses play again*
Tell me somethin Sly!


Havoc said...

U must have been seriously thinkin about this one, I can hear the emotion in the

Anonymous said...

Men like the "chase!" If you show too much interest they loose interest. If you treat them like a dog, which I am not recommending, they tend to latch on and fall in love. Reminds me of the song "Dog in Me." The more you ignore them, the more they want you? Go figure

Anonymous said...

I would want to hear the girls side. Chances are the guy thinks he changed and aint selfish is still selfish. He probably doesn't get what he does to make the relationship go south. Especially if he selfish his instinct is to promote his interests and be a lil blind with others. You didn't get the whole of these stories. Does he listen to her needs? Does he know how to talk to her in a way that doesn't put her down? Is he diplomatic or combattive? You'd be surprised what you find out when you get a girls POV. Belee Dat!