Saturday, May 8

When You Think of Me

Today while overdoing it in the mall I ran into a guy I knew from undergrad. This wasn't just any guy, a few years ago at homecoming I realized how CUTE he was! We exchanged numbers and began a torrid long distance love affair. HA! He used to get my form warm with his texts and picture mail. and one day, I was down near his way and we went out. Shortly thereafter, that was it. no more phonecalls, picture mail, nothing. There's MUCH MUCH more to this part of the story, but that's not the point here. The point is he did something mega wack to me & I didn't do a thing about it.

I remembered that so I did just that! I saw him again last year at my undergrad homecoming and stank faced him a little bit and he truly acted like nothing was wrong. I spoke & kept it moving.

Then I saw him today in the mall and greeted him cheerfully. He told me he had moved to the area about 2 years ago & asked if I had heard he was in the Army. I thought to myself "Are you for real, why would I even care?" But I graciously smiled & said no. I was like well good to see you and sashayed away. And I wondered if like in Eric Benet's song: if he felt like dying, or if his world stopped spinning when he thought of (or in this case came face to face with) me. I often wonder that when I see an old flame & they aren't looking too hot. and I know that they know that I am looking GOOD! *tosses hair*


Anonymous said...

Yep! Cause a lot of people don't get that they've done anything wrong anyway. Clueless! Duh... Good to know you're better off and better enlightened anyway.

Anonymous said...

Sashaayed away! lol! show him what he missed Bri!