Wednesday, May 5

Putcho Fives in the AIYUH!

For the past few years, the girls & I have gotten together for Cinco De Mayo which we ALL no isn't even celebrated in Meh-he-co, but WE enjoy it! It usually consists of us gathering at someone's home, eating good food (like my margarita salmon) and blending up some margaritas.

This year, J & I have decided to do a little something different. We are going to go to lunch & make it last til siesta time lol. We'll see how it goes!

During the past Cinco gatherings we have had some classic lines come to life such as: "Who started the fire?" which apparently you are supposed to chant when after: "The roof, the roof, the roof is on FIYUH!" and then there was the year that J's supersessy brother (sorry J, I couldn't resist!) was just hollering out CINCOOOOOOOO in the middle of the bar & telling people to put their fives in the air. So tomorrow at noon, feel free to putcho fives in the air, put on your giant sombrero and take a nap under a cactus... (that wasn't intended to be prejudiced, just humorous... LIGHTEN UP!)

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