Tuesday, January 4

Mind Ya Business- Poor Princess Boy

This little boy was on tv yesterday wearing a tutu. Why is this news? Why did they keep making him twirl? He's a boy in a dress. Strange? Yes. Newsworthy? Uuuh, no! In this day & age, acceptance is the buzzword. And personally I think it needs to be "mind ya business".

Seriously, I had a male cousin that liked to take care of a doll. His mom didn't like it, but my grandmother didn't see the harm. Guess what, eventually he grew out of it & we moved on. He is now in HS & is moving into manhood with a plan & no thoughts of that baby doll. Can you imagine what his life would be like now if his mother had decided to write a book about him playing with dolls and then he ended up all over national tv with his doll baby?? What would that mean for him in high school once his phase was done?

I had a thing for Hot Wheels when I was younger. I asked for the Hot Wheels Gas Station Garage one Christmas. You know the one with the ramp & the lil Amaco sign. But anyway, I got the toy and a Barbie toiletries set. And i played with both. I also preferred pants to dresses and playing with the boys over playing with the girls. Eventually I realized I liked dresses too & like my Cabbage Patch & Barbie dolls way more than some Hot Wheels. But what would happen to me now if my mother had my first & last name all over the news because I liked to dress different?

When I saw the clip of the poor little Princess Boy I was immediately saddened & appalled. How will all of this publicity affects him later if & when he decides he's way over tutus? His first & last name are now permanently linked to what may turn out to be a PHASE in his young life. And not only that, it seemed that they were nudging him into femininity. When I saw him, he was sitting like a boy, talking like a boy, being a boy. But the host kept making him "twirl". I wasn't under the impression he liked to twirl.... he seemed to like to run & climb trees & oh yeah, wear a tutu. He's barely FIVE YEARS OLD. Most little kids are odd.

When I was maybe 3 or 4, I told my grandmother I used to be her father. And I told my mother that I used to be a man & I killed my wife in the kitchen. Did my mother write a book? Did she put me on tv? No. She asked me a few questions about it, made a note of it & kept an eye on me. Eventually, I forgot I even said it & we moved on. I had enough growing pains to deal with: a big gap toothed smile, a huge forehead, glasses, a short stint with a  jehri curl. I can't imagine how much more complicated life would have been if I was also the Creepy Past Life Girl! Would I have felt the need to expound upon my tales?

In this age of Instant Celebrity, I can't help but to wonder what all this attention to people minding their own business is doing to them down the line. The obsession with peoples' strange realities has prompted many people to come forward with things that used to be private. Not necessarily a secret, but definitely your own business. Coupling that with the fickleness of childhood I went thru stages where I obsessively loved & then irrationally hated or vice versa the following: cheese curls, my mother, Michael Jackson, school, dresses, boys. Just to name a few...

Don't get me wrong, I am curious about the lives of people with strange habits, tendencies, etc. But, when it is a child being exposed & ultimately exploited, made to twirl in a tutu on daytime news, something in me just cannot get behind that! My friend Les said: "Don't tell him he's gay, let HIM tell us!" And I couldn't agree more. There was nothing effeminate about the little boy other than his attire so why make him "twirl"? Mind ya business.


Christina said...

*standing ovation* PREACH

CB said...

I couldn't agree more! Nothing against homosexuality, but mom seems to be PREACHING it rather than ACCEPTING it!!!