Tuesday, January 18

MLK Day Review

Yesterday was a day off from work, but I was out & about all day.

I was at the Washington Urban League at 9:30 AM to help package toiletries for the homeless. It felt good to do good on a day like that. I didn't stick around to distribute because Iwas running on very little sleep and good vibes! So I went home to take a nap or something.
I got dressed for my evening of supper & music & headed for the Georgetown Waterfront. The route I chose to take via GPS was closed... Good ole Rock Creek Park. I had to take a scenic route down to Farmers & Fishers.
After finding a parking spot, I arrived a little later & with less people than origianlly planned. Several of my friends had fallen ill & a few others had to work. But that just meant MORE FOOD FOR US!
The waiter explained the the restaurant was owned by farmers & everything was hormone free & sustainable.
2. Capable of being continued with minimal long-term effect on the environment.
Not to be confused with organic.
Of, marked by, or involving the use of fertilizers or pesticides that are strictly of animal or vegetable origin.
We were overwhelmed by the menu because everything looked so GOOOOOD!  Robin was going to order from the restaurant week menu so they brought a 3 cheese pizza to the table. When he mentioned the guac made fresh @ the table, Mimi was ON IT!

So that was how it started:

 This pizza looks good even in the pics!

Mimi's crabcake sandwich!

Pan fried chicken!

DEFINITELY want to go back & try the house-made sodas! Even the WATER was good. Served in THICK glass tumblers!

I thought we were going to get the lunch price for restaurant week, but when the bill came, it was different. I was polite & explained the situation to the waiter. He said he would get the manager. But when he came back tot he table, he told me the manager was going to take care of it no questions asked. I love that because so often when my friends & I go out we get treated as if we are trying to get over or being argumentative or combative, etc. Which makes us upset because we are GREAT customers & EXCELLENT tippers! But anyway, the bill was taken care of and the waiter was sooo nice about us hanging around and chatting.

Mimi & I headed to U Street to hang out before the show. We sat at the bar at Next Door & talked to some old man that was a line-stepper. He was rude and aggressive. He told Mimi that hse had no life because she was excited about the Xfinity app for Android & said she liked to watch tv. He said tv was boring & stupid. Clearly this was a convo that could have been taking place between a young guy using the insult as a compliment technique to holla at an older woman. He also informed her that he has 3 phones: 1- a Boost mobile phone he was fiddling with at the bar, 2- a BB for work, & 3- a cell phone that his wife can check.  

I was trying to figure out what part of the game this was. Like "hey look girl, I cheats on my wife! Gitwitmay!" does that really work?? At first I was like I feel sorry for his wife. But then I realized she KNOWS who she married why else would she check his cell phone.

We moved on down the street and stood in line outside of U Street Music Hall PRAYING we would be able to snag what we knew to be LIMITED seats. When we made it in we found the last 2 barstools in the place & though they were on the side of the stage, we were determined not to budge!

The crowd was interesting, a strange mix of people that, much to my surprise were there to see Eric Roberson & not the people that opened for him. Levi Stephens was EXCELLENT and from the side he looks like a taller Kevin Hart. Great talent! Black Alley came on & I was expecting something different from them. But they are actually very talented musicians & not a group people that know how to play an instrument & formed a band. There set however was looooong & random! I told my boy C that they belong in a new genre of music I like to call "Obscure & B"©. Anyway, they were up there too long & I was tired.

Erro hit the stage & did his thing. His drummer "Rain Man" & keyboardist Aaron did their thing in a way I have never seen them go in before. We stayed until the end. Despite getting texts that the weather outside was FRIGHTFUL! I loves me some Erro & I love his vibe! I wasn't ready to love his warmth!

We stepped out on the street & discovered that HEELS are ideal for the ICE be cause it prevents you from slipping as you heel pierces the ice. I had to let mimi borrow the scraper from my car because she doesn't own one of her own. *tsk tsk tsk* I drove home at 23 MPH still warm from the vibes of such a GREAT DAY! WOOP WOOP! Can't wait to see Erro again!

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Mimicutelips said...

I had a blast per usual when the dynamic duo hook up. I've got a scraper on my things to purchase list. (randomly giving the earth a side eye)