Wednesday, January 5

New Year, Same Me, New Outlook

I know I have submitted several entries in the new year already & not one of them has been about the actual NEW YEAR. So allow me to correctify that now.

I had one of the best holiday seasons on record. Lots of food, fellowship & fun. I got AMAZING gifts from the beau, proof that he understands my wants, my needs & my style! I told him about my DISASTROUS last Christmas with a boyfriend & told him I PRAYED that never happened again. It didn't! HALLELUJAH!

I went into the new year in church! And spent the first day of the new year RELAXING! Cooked some GREAT food and chilled out all day!

So many people are focusing on a "NEW YOU". I like me... no I LOVE ME! and while I could always IMPROVE, a new me is SO not necessary. I have a new outlook on life. No more escape hatches in my plans. As my pastor said Sunday, it's not that we fail to plan, but that we plan to fail.

Now if I could just figure out WHAT my plans are... *sigh* It doesn't matter because I know they will succeed! Ever forward, never backward! LET'S GO!

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