Thursday, January 13

Psychiatrist FAIL!

He was ordered to take a trip to a Psychiatric facility after his most recent run-in with the law & now that he's out... he does THIS!

What on God's blue earth does this even MEAN! You're an adult man with an ICE CREAM CONE on your face. Lightning bolts???? coming OUT of the ice cream. I.... I have no words.... NONE!

He needs to run all of his decisions, no matter how small by a licensed mental health specialist. Should I buy Angel Soft or Charmin? Fried or grilled? EVERYTHING... face tatt or  fish sandwich?

After having 5 brushes with the law in Fulton County, GA alone, he needs SOMEONE to help him make BETTER life decisions!


L. Denise said...


CB said...

That ninja needs a hug, a mentor and a swift kick in the azz! He is a poster child for what NOT to do in life!!!