Tuesday, March 15

Check This: OnBlast Awards 2011

You all may or may not know that I contribute to another blog called OnBlast. It's all about celeb gossip & overopinionated women.
We got together & came up with our own awards... Here's just a taste:

Our first category....Sit Down, Trick 
This is for the people we were SO over seeing on our tvs!
Rhianna - she's dyed her hair, she's run her mouth, she's shown her tail... not it's time to take a seat
Amber Rose - I'm sorry, what or who was she before Kanye?
Beyonce - Do you realize she only has like 2 albums. And she wants to claim Icon status???
Sarah Palin - She is everywhere, commenting on everything & knowing NOTHING!
Kim Kardashian - If she gets anymore work done to her face, she'll be on the too much plastic surgery scale somewhere between Joan Rivers & the CAT LADY herself:

And the Winner is..............
Sarah Palin


This next award is dedicated to: BANs 
Those of you who are familiar with urban venacular can pretty much figure out what this term stands for, so we won't get into that. But what the term means is those celebs that give off a soft vibe. Not necessarily gay, just some guys we think we could take in hand-to-hand combat.

Terrence Howard
The Dream 
Swizz Beats 

And the winner is: Terrence Howard
Mr. Baby Wipes himself. Just the reading of his name evokes the scent Johnson & Johnson baby lotion & pink gloss nail polish. UGH!

*shudders* GRRRROSS!

Want more?? Check it out here: The 2011 OnBlast Awards

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