Wednesday, March 23

Sit Down, Chris Brown

So as everyone knows by now, thanks to CNN, Chris Brown had a bit of a fit yesterday after Robin Roberts kept asking him about Rhianna. This was literally LATE breaking news on CNN yesterday afternoon. While reporting on the earthquake aftermath in Japan, the air raid in Libya & maybe a little bit about that tiny little scuffle we have going on in Afghanistan, CNN thought it important to talk about Chris Brown breaking a window at Good Morning America. Good JOB!

But here is how I feel. Chris Brown need intense therapy and a time alllll the way out from the industry AND civilization. His immediate tweet after the incident was about his fans. THIS IS A PROBLEM! He needs to focus on doing what's best for HIM, not these fans out here.

And where are his PEOPLE?? Though he is over 18, he has NOT grown up yet. He really needs to go sit waaaaaaaaaay down somewhere waaaaaaay far get knee-deep in some therapy & work out his deep-rooted issues. He needs better people around him or something. This is just ridiculous.

I was a fan of his comeback, but it seems Ibelieved in him more than he believed in himself... *sigh*

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