Monday, March 21

This Tweet Smells like LEMONS!

It seems that I know more bitter men than I do women. Angry at some girl that broke their heart in 10th grade. Or mad because they used up all their money on someone that was only marginally interested. Or lost their trust to a big butt & a smile. Whatever it was, they are still holding on to it. THEY carry as much baggage as they say women do, if not more. The worse part is, many don't even know it!

As I read their tweets, I realize just how disgruntled and out of touch they are. Commenting on how their woman should look & be shaped & they are squat & rotund as ever. Spouting that a woman should do this & that for their man. When they are struggling to keep their cell phones on or sleeping on a pull-out couch. For some reason some of them seem to think that by virtue of them being male, they are free to criticize, gripe & complain about things that, in the grand scheme of things means nothing! And it all stems from some girl they thought they were in love with until she hurt them, cheated on them, broke their heart or turned out to be a hoe. lol!

But seriously, so many men I know disguise their bitterness behind jokes, but it still smells lemon fresh. I think that most of you know that I am all about being honest with yourself FIRST. And the fact of the matter is, some of the men I know aren't. And if they are, they are tweeting & FB posting these ridiculous things in hopes of masking something. But what they are actually doing is drawing attention to themselves. *sigh*

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