Tuesday, August 28

DC Slob Fair 2007

So DC's Mayor decided to hold a Job fair for the un- & underemployed of the city. With the go-ahead to hire certain positions on the spot, it seemed like a place for me to visit on my lunch hour, just to see...

But what I SAW was heartbreaking & disappointing. There were people who clearly KNEW how to present themselves, and people who were TRYING hard to present themselves; but for whatever reason their clothes were ill-fitting- but they tried. Then there was the overwhelming number of people who didn't know how to nor did they care how they presented themselves.

I saw 2 young gay men in sweaters & buttondowns with jeans on that I saw in the THISIT section @ Macy's (for those in the cheap seats that is the Juniors section). And they were flailing all over the place complaining about how crowded it was at some clothing stores booth. "AAAAARGH!" the teeny gay yelled out in frustration. "I'm just tryna get to the TABLLLLLLE!" As his taller friend in hazel contacts fanned himself & looked on.

There was the man in shorts, a tee-shirt & STOCKING cap- not to be confused with a skully- that was standing extremely close to the lady from some local bank. "I need a job. I need someone to hire me!" HE was sincere in his plea, however, he failed to relaize the REAL reason he wasn't being taken seriously. THE STOCKING CAP! Which looked like it had recently been on some old lady's actual foot... it was navy blue.

As I travelled through the maze of actual professionals overpowered by the less-than-professionals, I could have sworn I heard a young fella say to his counterpart: "How many numbers you get?" SAY WHAAAAAAAAAAT?
Are these shiftless negroes really taking time out of their schedules to come down to the job fair to PREY upon innocent job seeking women? SURELY NOT!

I was wrong.

As I have finally gotten fed up with the foolishness, I ACCIDENTALLY make eye contact with some young negro. He asks if I found what I was looking for. I notice he is wearing a t-shirt & jeans, so I mumble, "Yeah." Convo over, yes? NO!

This young negro grabs my arm & asks me again, "You find what you was lookin for, sweethart?" YER KIDDING ME, right? Did this fool put his HANDS on me? Yes, yes he did. I SNATCH away and say, "YES!" and walk off in a huff.

THE AUDACITY! I could have been a potential employer and you are putting your hands on me? At a job fair? Why? I was astounded and overall disappointed by the foolishness I was exposed to & I pray that Fenty & his team can whip this city into shape. Because he has some real FOOLS living here!

FYI: the jobs they were hiring for on the spot involved a CDL or "environmental engineering." Ain't THAT some shyt!

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