Wednesday, August 29

Make Me a Believer

Superman can fly high way up in the sky
'Cause we believe he can
So what we choose to believe can always work out fine
It's all in the mind

Luther was on to something there. Something that has stuck with me in all of my interactions with the opposite sex. If we both don't believe, then we are both wasting each others time. It has been years since I have been in a real TITLED relationship. And even then, he made ME a believer. He put in the work, he expressed his feelings, he was upfront, initially anyway. And with both of us believing that Superman could fly... he DID!

Until my suspension of disbelief came into play & slowly Superman lost his powers & then on that fateful January night, Superman came crashing down to earth & became just another man on the street.

Luther later says: I wanna love, wanna have, wanna hold you girl
So make me a believer

You have to WANT to be loved, had & held... both people, on both sides, both with intensity. There is a passion and a desire present to want to love & give love. But people are so afraid and so selfish and unwilling to work to make the other person a believer especially when they are only part-time believers themselves.

Luther also states:
Forget all about whatever we fear
And let's just be lovers
Loving and loving, oh love is the way
To make me stay...

Fear & belief cannot exist in the same plane, ain't that right, Luther? So you're telling me that true love, without fear is the way? Hmmm, I am thinking he may be on to something, really. He wouldn't just MAKE UP such a thing right?

With so much distrust, deception, dogging-out involved in forming a "relationship" in today's world, we have forgotten about what it really takes. Making the OTHER person BELIEVE. Men & women both should step it up & love with wreckless abandon... don't be scared! Y'all some punks... HA!

And I know things don't always end well, but you need to know the difference between being made a believer & being CONVINCED. Stop BELIEVING things that are clearly meant to convince you. Be smart about your love & know that when it's right... it'll be evident. You should be on the same wavelength, the same plane, the same page. Otherwise, you are wasting time when you could & probably should be a believer in, for & with someone else. You can't be afraid to let things go & flow as they will. As Uto-Boho as this sounds, I BELIEVE in love & its power to make magic HAPPEN!

Today's Sermon has been taken from the Book of Luther, chapter 1983. In closing I leave you with this:
Yeah, I know the way to persuade me over to your side
And I am sure you can
So if you get me to believe
It all will work out fine

I'm a believer... are you?

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