Monday, August 27

Set me free, why don't ya!

It's always so funny to me how someone comes back from nowhere & decide they want back in on your life. But not really because they want you, but because someone they know seems to show interest. There have been some occurrences in the past few weeks that have been blatantly NON-coincidental. Funny how every goodbye ain't gone because I let this guy go late last year. His bitch-like tendencies didn't start resurfacing until he spotted me laughing it up with one of his boys.
The girls & I were at the club laughing it up with him for a good chunk of the night & as I was leaving Old News whispers: "You should call me sometime." My lovely response: "For what?"

This was after the drunk dialing incident, but still... GEEZ.

He can't let me go, though. I don't understand why. Today, he tried to make me feel like I was crazy. Telling me it wasn't his fault I didn't want to hang out with him anymore. My lovely response: "Yes it is, congratulations!" He played dumb as if we had not sat in my car that fateful night & hashed all of this out. He had decided that I wanted more than he did & I had changed. But EVERYTHING in our friendship was an option that I gave him full decision-making privileges over. He CHOSE to spend nights with me. He CHOSE to meet my family. He CHOSE to cut the fool out of the blue due to his previous choices. I let him, as a man, take charge & where did it get him? In my IM, a year later pretending not to know that I was JUST talking to his mans & them.

LISTEN, dude, we weren't together, you were never my man; I therefore can do as I please. Stop trying to keep tabs on me & mysteriously showing up after I talk to your friend. We are just friends & even if we were more, this is an issue you need to take up with HIM not ME!

You had your cake; you chose to toss it aside. So don't try to go back looking for it where you left it; it's GONE!

Set me free, why don't ya? Get out my life, why don't ya? Cuz you don't even LIKE me, you just keep me hanging on!

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