Monday, August 20

Don't it ALWAYS Seem to Go...

that you don't know what you've got til it's GONE!??!

My girl Twanks calls me *Gone* because it seems whenever I put a guy on notice that I am not feelin their particular brand of bullshyt, they don't correct the situation, and I roll out... they seem to want to return.

Sometimes they even send their friends in to do reconnaissance. What kind of mess is that. How does that conversation go?

OldNews: Yeah man, she's not feeling me anymore & I haven't talked to her in months maybe you should pretend to be cool with her & see what's going on with her now.

Friend: Yeah man & then I will get her back for trying to stick with you when you were trying to get yourself together & giving up when you decided that you were going to treat her like shyt.

I mean how does that sound... I deleted this fool from my life & had little to NO contact with him until he got in his feelings when he realized he was no longer the main event: "Oh you can't call me? Oh I'm not on ya friends list? Oh you chillin with my boys?" Basically, clearly & pretty much! We had no ties, right? You didn't want a relationship, right? You wanted to do you, right? So why months later is this a big surprise?

Oh yeah cuz I drunk dialed u. My bad... but the fact that once we got home I passed out & asked, nay TOLD you not to touch me should have been yer hint. Things hadn't really changed, I just made a bad choice. Clearly the fact that I hadn't called you since wasn't clue enough. SO here I will say it once and for all... turn me loose and PLEASE stop ruining my life!

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