Friday, August 21

Blog Blurb: What's that smell?

So the other day my E-crew was discussing Oprah digging Jay-Z's scent, among other things, and the question was posed: what do you think certain celebs smell like. I took a few moments from my killer finals and came up witht his VERY random list... ENJOY... or don't!

  1. I think Denzel smells like rich cedar & sexy...
  2. I KNOW Brad Pitt STINKS to high heaven!
  3. Black Thought of The Roots & Dwele smell like sexy sultry body oils... only Dwele kinda smells like weed breath too
  4. Lil John DEFINITELY smells like weed and hennesy & his mustache smells like last night's chick...
  5. Puffy smells like potpurri satchels & scented hangers cuz he is STUCK IN THE CLOSET!
  6. Jamie Foxx smells like cigarette smoke, and Jean Paul Gaultier
  7. Leonardo DiCaprio smells like pipe tobbaco & bologna...
  8. Reggie Bush... FINALLY smells like chocolate again! (then I found out he is likely back with Kim Kardashian, so he is back to smelling like a sour wash rag!!!)

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