Tuesday, August 25

What Ever Happened to "Hello"?

I just got back from an AWESOME fro yo pilgrimage to the Mecca de FroYo, TangySweet. As I journeyed forth, there was a young man leaving the courthouse in full Sobiato, or Squares, or Shooters or some other such DC-style apparel company complete with a headband... (BOOOOOOOOO!). He saw my co-worker and I walking toward them and he stops as we walk by & commences to" "Hey Booboo. Damn, girl... hey booboo, booboo!"To which I reply, without turning around, "Oh no, uh uh, that is NOT okay!"My co-worker got upset and asked me why I didn't just ignore him and I said because he needs to know that that is NOT ok!
Which got me to wondering... whatever happened to "Hello"?
I am cute on my good days... and I have my BEST days when I am smokinazzhawt, but for the MOST part, I think I look like a 19-year old who doesn't want to be bothered. But for SOME reason, men in this area looove to try out the law of averages, I think. Because there is NO other way to explain some of the things I have heard and encountered. And by things I have encountered I mean the creatures that look like they slithered out of the sewer just to "holla" at some chicks. But how else do you explain me in a dress and heels and a workbag and you in a raggeLy wife beater with your nipple hanging out of the side, and olllllllld ratty balling shorts and turnT over shoes. And before anyone says anything about giving him a chance, LET IT GO! I am so over fixer uppers, because even when you're done fixing them up, they are still broken down. HA! But that is not even the point here... The point is, just say "Hello." that is it, that is all... no more of this, PLEASE:
  • "Why you lookin so mean?"
  • "Where your husband at?"
  • "Can I walk witchu?"
  • "That ice cream must be goooood." (I was actually eating froyo at the time)

Whatever happened to regular old conversation after intentional eye contact? Now it's like you can't look up anymore or someone is going to swoop in and put the full court press on you. I guess that hounding has to work or they wouldn't do it, but it makes it bad for those women that don't give into it. Which makes it bad for the men who just WANT to say "Hello" because now we don't want to acknowledge you and end up in a no-win conversation.

The other night while out at a bar, a young man with tattoos on his hand started talking to me. I engaged him in conversation because there is no reason to be uncordial (is that a word?) at a bar. So as he is talking to me and I am barely making eye contact or convo with him, I begin checking my Twitter (www.twitter.com/Bri_Cooley) and FB.

That is when it began.

Hand Tatts:"I'm just tryna get in the phone..."

Me: *smile and quickly put the phone down*

Hand tatts: *continues to talk, I get a text* "I'm sayin, you gonna put my number in ya phone?"

Me: *laughs a little uncomfortably and puts my phone down*

Hand Tatts: "I left the house and came down here for nothing?"

Me: *with the say whaaat face* "You didn't even know I was going to be here, you don't even KNOW me."

Hand Tatts: "But you're here now, so I'm just tryna get in the phone."

Where at do they do ANY of that? Was he wanting to get in the phone in hopes that one lonely lonely desperate night I would be scrolling through my phone and call him out of boredom/desperation? Really? REALLY! is that the BEST you can do? How am I supposed to feel about that? But this is the mess I am talking about. Say "Hello", pay attention to the context clues and body language before trying to steamroll your way into my life/phone. If I were interested you would know... plain and simple.


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Urban Lush said...

You are right about your peers make it hard for such ladies as yourself to get a simple hello because there are alot women desperate for the attention not the greeting. Personally I start with "Hello, my name is Jason" hoping to get a response back. BUT MAYBE ladies should lead by example of the type of greeting they want. I love it when ladies approach me with a proper greeting. Even though most of the time they are trying to sell me something in the mall for a girlfriend I don't have. And for body language everyone different especially when around friends or a someplace new. I have talk to ladies who told me they were trying to hook up but I was completed oblivious to it. I think it's because I'm so shy.