Monday, August 10

Digging the skin you're in...

I love me! I think I am so cute & sexy! I will pantie prance in the mirror to song after song, HOWEVER... part of loving me & understanding how I am fearfully & wonderfully made is wearing what looks GOOD on me & accentuates the positive while not drawing too much attention to the negative. A few weekends ago (I know I am late, but life has tried to kick me in the teeth recently), I saw that this is a lesson many women in this area haven't learned. I was at the Summer Spirit concert with Erykah Badu & Raphael Saadiq & Chuck Brown. AWESOME concert, not TOO much foolishness in my immediate vicinity, but when I ventured away from our little area of the lawn... I witnessed some fashion travesties!
  1. IS THAT A ONESIE?? Lemme start by saying, there are a HANDFUL of women that can get away with a romper ANYWAY. And I have no problem with chicks who are thickerrah, but how you figure if you are 4 foot 11 & 200 lbs, you are going to wear an ashy black onesie with gold buttons up the back. A) where did you buy that? & B) who buttoned it for you? Because clearly they were NOT your friend. And then to throw on the fanny pack which I am SO sure was "designer" and BOOTS... BOOTS, baby? really? no.
  2. PLEATHER WEATHER Ok, in the FALL at the CLUB, or a lounge... I could sorta accept a pleather minidress that zips up the front. But this is AUGUST and we are outside. I know your whole everything was sweaty & sticky all up and THROUGH that thing. P.U. Booboo!
  3. DON'T SWEAT THE TECHNIQUE So you wanted to be chill AND show ya lil midriff... ok, ok... But why are you wearing a half sweater? and why did you then decide to couple it with a yellow skirt made out of sweatpants material... and why was the top oinch & the bottom yerlo? why, hunny? huh? I just want to understand...

This is just three of the various and a-sundry travesties I had the mispleasure of observing. But what struck me the MOST was how many people were out there to see and be seen. Those tickets were NOT cheap! And I witnessed sooo many women AND men parading back and forth looking at whoever was looking at them look at them look at each other. I saw Sunday's best on the men & stilettos on the women. We are OUTSIDE & you have LAWN seats... why are y'all soooo overdressed to unimpress? Makeup melting! Combovers shrivelling back!

I am all for flaunting what you got. But there is a time, place & level of taste that goes along with it. But hey, y'all keep doing y'all! Just know that I will not hesitate to comment... I mean that IS why you do this, right? So someone will acknowledge your existence, right? So hey, all I'm REALLY doing is fulfilling your wishes!

I'm just statin....

BTW, I was wearing a halter style feather print maxi dress & my faithful companion was wearing jean shorts & her newly purchased MJ Tank top... we came to chill, not ill!

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