Monday, August 31

Me? Man Bash? Nooooo!

So last week a dude I know accused me of being a man-basher. I thought about it and I must say I am not for two reasons:

  1. I don't put ALL men in ONE category. Most of my blogs have been about specific men and have been written in moreso a HELPFUL light than a "He ain't sh*t" light. If you read deeper into what I am saying it applies to men and women alike. Even as I am writing my blogs and giving out unsolicited advice, I often take alittle piece with me. I don't apologize to anyone who is offended by the things I say here because my intention is to spread the common sense and help cut out the foolishness. If you are upset by THAT then mayhaps you are PART of the foolishness, yes? Hmmmmm, thinkaboutit...
  2. I meet my share of "good" guys too. I likes me a nice guy. I just don't blog about them because i actually value my relating-ship (not to be confused with relationship or sexual relations) with them. I don't want to speak too much too soon, or put them on blast, or do anything to otherwise upset the balance of what we got working. And I don't want anyone tryna get at what I got... (just kidding, not really)

So with that said, I will continue to post my not-so-positive interactions with men I know as a tale of precaution and a helpful allegory... lol. 

And again I say, if you find my re-telling of foolishness past to be man-bashing... then maybe you need some introspection. Often times we dislike those things in other people that we do not or cannot see in ourselves.


Urban Lush said...

I can see how someone can read your blog and say that. Maybe if you have some time praise some good guys in your life. Because right now it "seems" you only hang in spots where you meet the wrong guys. It would be nice to know a Hot lady like you can meet nice guys and be into them.

Ms. MimiCuteLips said...

Tell him to grow a pair.