Thursday, August 27

Don't Save Her

... she don't wanna be saved!- Project Pat
Such a profound statement! Excuse me if I have gone through this before, but I have recently heard that one of my male acquaintances is still out in these streets trying to "save his ex"-a direct quote. (My source on this is an unrelated entity who is friends with his new flavor of the month.) Wow, dude, really?

The last three conversations, I have had with him have somehow been about HER- the ex. And inevitably, I end up saying... "Well, I would never do that." Which consequently gets me into my: "I obviously don't have enough drama to get/keep a man" speil which is more schtick than actual fact. Which then leads him to the question, "Why are you so focused on a relationship." Which then convinces ME that HE is crazy because HE was the one talking about his ex... not I!

He's mad at her for now hanging out with the dudes he introduced her to at the places he used to take her. AAAAAND... he suspects that she has known one or two of them biblically. Wow, dude, really? Why do you care? You are so extra busy worrying about her, that you are letting GOOD women pass you right on by. So busy trying to show the ex that you are having fun without her that you aren't even having fun.

I have wondered why he cared, but I knew if I asked I would not get an answer, but the fact of the matter is he is still in love with her. And they say women have baggage? This dude is draaaaaaggin this girl around with him from place to place and experience to experience for what purpose. I don't know or understand, but I find it really quite disturbing that someone who seemed so self-assured and fascinating, initially, is not what he appeared to be at all. I don't think he realizes just how deeply affected he is and how much it SHOWS.

Drop the baggage, baby, and take off the cape, sweetheart. Maybe try some yoga or some therapy, because you are letting her WEAR YOU DOWN and she is loving every second of it. She's winning and you have lost it. At first, I was trying to save you, but I know better. But I do want you to save yourself. Ok? Ok!

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