Saturday, March 20

Bienvenido A Miami!- A Picture Blog

So, I'm here now! and Apparently Miami looks goooood on ME!
Friday the girls and I put our sweet feet to the street.

And we have seen some sights!!!  Good, bad and uglay!

THE GOOD: A new shirtless bonus:

We met some guys on Ocean Drive that were WAY younger than us, but WAY into us.... so cute... sounds like my LAST trip to Miami... *giggles*


Operation Desert Storm??

orange leather skin???

We've scooped up some prime people-watching real estate and took in the energy!

No plans for the day & that's just fine with us! Maybe the beach, maybe Bayside... *shrug* Who knows, who cares... I'm on vacation #1. Day 1- IN THE BOOKS...  Day 2 starts... NOW!

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