Wednesday, March 10

The "New Face" of Terrorism?

She called herself "JihadJane" and she recruited people via internet and by flying all over the WORLD to meet with them... and so on and so forth. She went "undetected" for so long, why? Well according to the awesome blog: Stuff White People Do because people failed to see "the wolf in white sheep's clothing". Because she had blonde hair and blue eyes she remained under the radar. Her name and appearance made her an unlikely suspect for a terrorist act because she didn't look like a "terrorist"?

What does a terrorist look like though? Apparently just non-white. The Nigerian underwear bomber wasn't labeled a "new face" yet he also looked nothing like the 9/11 terrorists who apparently are the "old face" of terrorism or THE face of terrorism?  So I guess anyone non-white with a muslim or arabic name can EASILY be identified as a terrorist. And in JihadJane's case she was a muslim so I guess that's why she was slapped with the terrorist label but not the IRS airplane guy or the Pentagon shooter?

What say you?

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