Tuesday, March 30

Music & Me: New Amerykah, Pt. 2: Return of the Ankh

I'm not gonna GUSH about how much I loves me some Erykah! I dig the skin I'm in, but she takes it to a whole other level!

Originally I had planned to go to a store and buy the album so i could have the cover art and liner notes, etc. Then as her CD was caaaaaallin me, I looked it up on iTunes and discovered that it came with a digital booklet, HURRAH! I downloaded, took a deep breath and began to listen. That was an hour or so ago... and I am still listening, only on the second go round, but here are my thoughts... FYI, I WROTE these down on a notepad as I listened...

20 Feet Tall- *sigh* I've been that girl more times than I care to share. The words win me over here... How many of you women have forgotten how tall you can stand after a bad breakup? *counts EVERYONE'S hand* Uh huh, yeah... see?

Agitation- This reminded me of the music my stepfather used to listen to on Saturday mornings. And I am now ISO "Just as I Thought" by David Sancious... WHEW! It gives me that contemporary jazz feel without the elevator music genericism (I made that  up, I think)

Gone Baby, Don't Be Long - *blinks* "You laugh when you ask, "baby what's the rush?" / When we touch wanna know if it's love or lust oh Cause I feel like a girl with a fiendish crush..." *blinks* Who has 2 thumbs & can relate? *points aforementioned thumbs @ chest* THIS GIRL!

You Loving Me- All I could think about was ICANDIGGIT! I just CAN!

Fall In Love (Your Funeral)- I find this song HILARIOUS because time & again I have heard people ask what does Erykah DO to dudes? Particularly in reference to the change in Andre 3000 and Common post-Erykah. It samples a bodyroll classique, "Intimate Friends" by Eddie Kendricks OOOOW!

Out My Mind, Just In Time- Each movement is a different emotion around the same situation. Everyone has been there, male or female... I had to turn it off and read the words.
Recovering Undercover Over-Lover / I'm a recovering under cover over lover / recovering from a love I cant get over
The girl can turn a phrase! And emotes like nobody's business!

Overall, I get a definite 70's lovers vibe from the CD... and I love love LOVE it... every note! Can't wait to get out on the road this weekend & blast this joint.

It's going to be 80ยบ on Saturday, so here's my plan:
  • I'm going to get all dolled up, make up and all
  • Put on the Chanel shades
  • Tilt the moonroof
  • Crack the windows just a bit
  • And drive around the Beltway one good time
  • BLASTING New Amerykah, Pt. 2
  • Then... I'm going to get some Rita's 
  • Head home & cry like a baby! lol
These plans subject to change without notice...

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DigitalDeena said...

this is perfect ride-out music. Spring has sprung, and the soundtrack is BADU!