Monday, March 29

Music & Me: Can I Get a Window Seat?

Some of you may or may not know that Erykah Badu has an album coming out tomorrow.
First of all let me say the cover art is DOPE! I mean that! I'd like a poster of it to frame & hang!
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Over the weekend, the incomparable Miz Badu released her video for Window Seat. I watched it with my mouth open WIDE!

The video is filmed in fuzzy old school news footage style and consists solely of Erykah walking through Downtown Dallas removing her clothes. In the end, she is "assasinated" and the words "GROUP THINK" appear in her purple/blue blood as she is there completely naked on the ground. The camera pans around & comes back & she is wearing nothing but a Rick James-esque braid wig, like the one below... only nuder lol:

Here is a youtube link I found for it. Or you can go to and see it there then check what I have to say about it below, ok? ok!

The video begins with the news report from the day Kennedy was shot in Downtown Dallas and ends with spoken word from Badu about Group Think and assasination of "what they do not understand". In the song, she is saying she wants to get away, but only if she will be missed. In the video, she is stripping down her layers and killed once she is bare. Hmmmmm...

*sidnote* on Twitter over the weekend she explained that this video was shot in one take, guerilla style... and people were really IGNORING her sans one man that was picking up the clothes she dropped and folksoff-camera shouting at her. But hardly anyone ON CAMERA is paying her any mind. It was an interesting implied commentary on society, I think.

I can dig it. I can't wait for the album to drop tomorrow, but I need the CD, cover art and all, so I will be brick & mortaring it at some point tomorrow lol. I admit I wasn't digging the anger of the first in the New Amerykah trilogy, but I do own it out of support for someone I see as a great artist!

Now with all that said, I too fell victim to the male mindset because when she was in her skivvies my first thought was "DAAAAAAANG, shegottadonk!" And to watch her move made me feel good about what I got goin on over here, empowered even, because it looked so majestic moving in semi slow motion, but I digress. Great video, great concept and SHAME on those that cannot discuss anything else about it other than her backside!

So, what say you all? I'd love to hear what you think...

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