Thursday, March 25


I just read in the Huffington Post that the Republican members of Congress are refusing to work after 2 PM because Health Care Reform was passed thanks to reconciliation. Reconciliation has been used in the past by the GOP to pass three tax cuts which lead to a LARGE deficit during the Bush Administration. This is the first time that reconciliation has been use to pass a bill such as this healthcare bill. Clinton vetoed 2 reconcilliations during his terms in office to prevent a deficit.

Remember the Debt clock was shut down twice. Once during the Clinton Administration because it was ticking in REVERSE! and once during the Bush Administration to make room for ANOTHER digit!

Now, with all that said, what is WRONG with this country? People weren't this adamant about sending our children off to die in a war based on incorrect information. But they are threatening people's lives because they are pro life or against a bill that helps keep people alive. Does anyone else see the irony in this? Ok, so it's just ME? cool!

Not knowing all the nuances of the bill, the one thing that I CAN side with the detractors on is that health insurance is mandatory. If you don't want to have health insurance... I don't care as long as I don't have to foot the bill. On the flip side, if you cannot afford healthcare and need a little help from your fellow Americans I'm all for it. I'm also all for the revisions being made to the healthcare system that for SO long has been denying SO many coverage, or offering them coverage at EXORBITANT rates or denying them appeals and such. But what about these self-serving, selfish people that are threatening people's lives over a few dollars that they won't even miss?

WOW, I digress... ok... where was I? oh yeah...
This is not a neighborhood pick up game. You cannot just take your ball and go home! You have a responsibility to AMERICA to work together to get things done. You can't just fold your arms and stand in the corner pouting. This is way immature, and way way stupid. You refused to play ball, so they played without you. It's been happening to the Dems for a while now, so how does it feel? I also want to know how it feels to see your constituency acting like lunatics. The refusal of the Republican party to take a FIRMER stance on the foolishness is repulsive. It's equivalent to a child TEARING through a store climbing on things, smashing things, going nuts. And the mother comes over & says quietly to him: "I know you are upset, but this is a no-no." Ummm that's not gonna work. Sometimes you have to grab the child's arm & lead him firmly out of the store to the parking lot and raise your voice so they KNOW you mean business... SHAKE HIM if you have to, but for goodness sake get control over your child!

But how can I expect such behavior from a group who themselves are acting like children? The funniest part about all of this is that it was originally John McCain's threat that if healthcare reform passed due to reconciliation, the GOP would withhold consent to continue meetings. Yet, John McCain himself seemed to have forgotten that and gave his consent for an Armed Services Committee meeting. HA!

Democracy is once again being held back thanks to the GOP... Goofy Old Pouters. Get over it! :-P

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