Thursday, April 15

Did Tawanna Tell You That?: Fenty "Defends" Rhee

A few years back, Allen Iverson was rumored to have thrown his wife Tawanna out of the house naked. Once word spread, the reporters converged on the Iverson home asking questions & making accusations. Ann Iverson, A.I.'s mom comes out of the house and attempts to make a statement about all marriages having their ups and downs. A reporter asks if that includes tossing your wife out naked and Ann gets super defensive telling them to get out of her face and asking where did they get that information and finally she asks:
"Did Tawanna tell you that?"


This morning, I got into work a little later than usual because I was watching DC's own Mayor Fenty on Fox 5 fielding questions regarding a supposed budget deficit that ended up being a budget surplus in DC's education department. For those that may not be familiar, Chancellor Rhee was brought in to "fix" DC's HORRID education system and she recently fired 200 teachers. Some of whom had been teaching for years upon years. Some that taught ME & my friends! Anyway, initially it was IMPLIED that the teachers had assaulted or otherwise inappropriately interacted with students. Then she said only SOME of them had.

Earlier this week, it was announced that Rhee may have miscalculated the average teacher's salary by 20K and now the deficit is a surplus. VOILA! I'm not great at math, buterahhhhh... a $43 million deficit turns into a $34 million dollar surplus, HOW?

Fenty came on the show smiling! And then he launched his d-bag defense! He was condescending and arrogant and clearly being defensive! He asked the reporter: "Who are you talking to?" in reference to where she got the information she was sharing with him. At one point he claimed not to have all of the information when he was apparently denying there was a math mistake despite Rhee admitting to her $77 million dollar "OOPS!" He even asked her: "What does that have to do with anything?" when she tried to link the firings (which Fenty claims were a result of the City Council cutting $20 mil), the math mistake, and the surplus.

I'm not a math whiz by ANY means. But, if you get your budget cut by $20 mil and you cut 200+ teachers. Then end up with $34 million EXTRA because you were making good fiscal decisions.... Why couldn't you keep the teachers and make the good fiscal decisions before? But you know what, I'm not good at math or apparently common sense either. So let's move on, shall we?

When I shared this with my e-mail crew, one of them replied:
Did Tawanna tell you that?
And that is JUST how the interview felt! He was SUPER defensive like someone was lying on his child! Then he was getting funky on the news reporter like her name was Big Bub. (random 90s New Jack Swing reference) Will the teachers get their jobs back? NO! Will Fenty admit anything went wrong? NO! Will he let you talk bad about the wrong-doings, miscalculations and HUGE MISTAKES his kids hand-picked staff are rumored to have made? NO!

Did Tawanna tell you that?

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