Thursday, April 29

Random Dude Update

I realized I haven't done what I CLAIMED I was going to do & that is update y'all on the random dudes I mention in my blogs. So here goes:

Dude from A Failure to Communicate:

I called him the morning of "the date" and told him that I couldn't make it. He asked when I would be available the next week, I told him 2 days. He told me to call him back or some such. I have not, I will not. I'm over it.

Dude from I Feel a Vibe with the unbrushed hair:

He texted me and asked me to go to the movies. I declined and said I didn't like remakes of a classic.


1 comment:

A.Smith said...

I don't understand men and I'm about to stop trying cause it's hurting my wee brain.

Good for you on all your conclusions.