Thursday, April 8

Diplomatic Impunity

Let me get this straight... You can smoke on a plane, make a joke about shoe bombs and you get questioned and released, NO PROBLEM? Now it's come out that Mohammed Al-Madadi just so happened to be on his way to visit an imprisoned al-Qaida agent .

REALLY!?!? Seriously, dude? Seriously, Homeland Security?

And the Qatari ambassador said: "We respect the necessity of special security precautions involving air travel, but this diplomat was traveling to Denver on official business on my instructions,he was certainly not engaged in any threatening activity."

Hey, dude, thanks for clearing that up for us... *third grade eyeroll*

Ummmmm, SMOKING on the plane is ok? JOKING about a shoe bomb is ok? Ummmm... *sigh*

How was he not tackled and wrestled to the ground? *smh* It must be nice to come up in someone's country & do whatever you want & have it all be fun & games! Oh, to be a diplomat!

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