Wednesday, April 21

What You Won't Do For Love...

Listen to this AS you read... there's no video, so your aren't missing anything... lol

Everyone has their pet peeves and their lists and rules, written and unwritten, of things that they will not put up with in a relationship. The number one thing I find intolerable in any relationship (friends, lovers, family, etc.) is being dismissed or disregarded. Now, normally, that would set me off. But I'm trying to be & do better about letting people know how I feel and why one good time before blessing them out! But it truly makes me feel as if you think I am lesser-than and if I care about or for you, that bothers me tremendously. Now, once I have told you this, I expect to only have to remind you once at the MOST! After that? No holds barred. I'm GOING to go deaf with rage (my ears literally start ringing and I can't hear what I am saying) and let the Hulk out on you, verbally. I had an ex-boyfriend that couldn't quite grasp the concept of listening and it drove me BANANAS! But now, I think I try to be just a smidge more patient with people.

This has led me to the question: What do or can I be more tolerable of in the name of "love", "like", "canoodlery"? Well amongst my more minor pet peeves are:
  • pretending to know what I'm talking about- I don't need you to humor me... if you don't get it, then you just don't & that's cool.
  • stereotyping my girls and me- I can guarantee that neither I nor my group of female friends are like any other females you have ever encountered. So when you think you know how we roll, how we treat one another, what we discuss... you don't! Promise you that!
  • mispronouncing things- I am a stickler for grammar, syntax, and pronunciation, for the most part. So saying things like skrimp, or putting the word "The" in front of store names and an "s" at the end... AGGRAVATING!
  • not being diverse or branching out- If you only eat fried rice at any asian-esque restaurant or don't trust nothing but the burgers at any restaurant with a burger on the menu or ball your face up when I mention hummus, gyros, or feta cheese or think sushi is SIMPLY raw fish... we might don't make it!
  • being an overall bamma- Those shoes with that those jeans? Those jeans with that shirt? That shirt with ANYTHING? *smh* I don't know how I feel about dating a guy that wears stuff that my girls and I would frown on... or do I?
The fact is, ALL of this can be overlookable and even seem a little shallow if you truly like the PERSON and they treat you well. If your friends are really your friends, they should applaud you for overlooking minutae when what you have at the core is a good person. If that person is also compromising in the aforementioned areas, then you may be on to something. But if that person isn't giving way at all and expects you to do all the bending, you may have a problem.

ANY relationship requires some compromise. If someone tells you otherwise they are selfish and not worth your time! Now I have to sit back and ponder what is worth compromising and what is not. I already know being disregarded or dismissed is a "NO GO" in the Book of Bri!!!

Everything else on the short list (very short for me) miiiiight be negotiable. Hmmmmm... We'll see...

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Anonymous said...

Thumbs up! Please show this to all the men you know! Some are just too selfish for a relationship and don't get what it takes to have one. They can't just dismiss how we feel. Where's love in that? I would do so much for someone who I love and they won't because they don't want you affecting who they are? No! Not in a 'relationship'. Some don't know what that word is.