Monday, April 26

Plus Zero

Just a quick rant...

Why does it seem like some people alwys have something to say, but NOTHING to add. Think about that for a moment. In meetings at work, there is always that one person that has to say something, butin the end, what they say neither adds nor subtracts from the convo. It's just there. like a "+ 0" in a long equation. Why is this here? no matter where it is in the equation: beginning, middle, or the end- the fact remains, it adds nothing.

I know plenty of folk that are "minus one"s taking away from something important. And there are those people that like to give extemporaneous info "Exponentializers", they are the ones that just like to show you how much more they know than you... useless as it may be.

I am sure we have all been one of these or the other at some point in time. But what do you do when a person is a constant "+ 0" to the point where it sticks out like a sore thumb and aggravates you just as much.

For once, I don't know... If I come up with something, I'll let you know.

or not...

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